There are a bunch of organised group rides that happen each week.  These are not necessarily affiliated with Rock & Road Cycles, but we think they are great, so we want to promote them here.  If you are keen, just rock up with your bike at the right time and place…

mountain bike rides

Tuesday Night – 6pm opposite Monteiths – Girls Only

This is a fairly casual, non-technical ride, and is really about keeping up a bit of fitness over the winter months. You will need a good set of lights, and about 1 1/2 hours to spare. Over the summer months, this group becomes the ‘Cider Riders’ road group.

Wednesday Night – 6pm opposite Monteiths

This is an all year round ride, and if you love mountain biking, then you will love this ride. The guys (and girls) often head up into the hills around Alexandra. And then they head back to Monteiths afterwards for a drink and a yarn. You will need a good set of lights during the autumn / winter months, as you will be well off the beaten track. Please Note: a lot of the riding will be on private land, but they have permission to be there. If you are visiting Alexandra, this does not give you permission to explore in these areas in your own time.

Thursday Lunchtime – 1pm at Rock & Road Cycles – Girls Only

This is a great chance to get out with the girls, and explore some of our local riding. Level of difficulty will be decided based on who turns up, and what the level of fitness and skill is of the group. This could vary from a leisurely jaunt around the Rail Trail / River Track, to a more technical ride up in the hills. We’ll be back in time for school pick-up, and it’s always good fun.

road rides

Please Note: These rides only happen during the months of Daylight Savings.

Tuesday Night ‘Cider Riders’ – 6pm opposite Monteiths – Girls Only

This ride is the ultimate in women’s cycling, and has all the components of a perfect night out… we head out for a ‘no-drop’ ride around the Lett’s Gully / Earnscleugh loop (approximately 28km) at a pace that does compromise our ability to talk, and then afterwards those who are keen head back to Monteiths for a drink. It’s a great bunch of girls, who always welcome new riders.

Thursday Night – 6pm at Rock & Road Cycles

This ride is at a faster pace than the Cider Riders, but if you’ve been doing a bit of riding, it is still very accessible. The bunch does two laps of the Lett’s Gully / Earnscleugh loop – the second lap tends to be faster than the first, and sometimes there ends up being a bit of friendly rivalry on the home straight. If the higher speed isn’t your thing, some people will head home after the first lap – it’s still a good ride.