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How often do you need to take your bike down to your local shop to get fixed, but you just don’t have time? Or you can’t be bothered putting the bike rack on the car and hauling it down there? Or the kids are tired and grumpy, and one more trip out of the house will push you all over the edge? It’s time to take the hassle out of getting your bike serviced… let us come to you.

We are stoked to offer Bike Fix in the Cromwell area… our mobile workshop service. We’ve got a Shimano qualified bike technician on board, and he can come to your home or work by appointment, and sort your bike out for you. And the great news is that for servicing within the Cromwell area, we will not charge any additional fees on top of our usual workshop prices. For those in Bannockburn and Pisa Moorings, we are going to charge a $10 fee to cover travel, which isn’t much for a whole lot of convenience. Or if you don’t mind transporting your bike yourself, we can arrange to meet you somewhere in Cromwell.

Phone or email Jordan now to book  your bike in for this fantastic new service:

P | 0275 325 150

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